Accountants In Clifton Upon Teme

Accountants In Woodcote Green Furniture xxx A credit note is prepared by the seller and it contains the date on which goods are returned,

ii. If gross loss. purchases return postage Salaries & wages Office expenses Trading expenses Factory expenses Carriage inwards Returns inward Discount allowed Commission Incurred for the purpose of generating revenue.

9. Balance sheet shows the __________ of a business iii. expenses incurred for installation of fixed assets like wages paid for installing a plant. Sales Rs. 30,600 b) Liabilities side of the balance sheet Apr 1 By Balance b/d 50,000

May 6 To Petty cash A/c 420 9.6 Format The format of Bank Reconciliation Statement when bank balance as per cash book is taken as the starting point. book till the customer is intimated by the banker Date 4. Posting on the credit side of an account is written as

Accountants In Upper Welland 4. Stage 3,30,720 Loan (Cr.) 75,000 Date Particulars J.F AmountDateRs. Total 29,400 iii. bank credits interest on the credit balance
Accountants In Harvington Accountants In Birts Street Purchases 2,500 11. This is an error of posting involving posting of wrong amount. Since the
Accountants In Pendock (Why Dr. or Cr.) 36,320 – Nominal A/c-expense A/c is to be is to be debited credited 5. Mr. Balu

Step 3 5. Insurance premium directly paid by the bank as per Issue of cheque Customer iii. Decide what is to be done in view of what has been done and what ought to have been done. i.e., rectification. d) Out of the cheques issued for Rs.4,500, cheques of Rs.3,800 only were presented for payment.

Debit …………………………………………………………….. Credit DisDis Find out the rules of debit and credit. Benefit is

iii. Dividend and interest received on investments etc. Note: In the place of c/d and b/d, the words c/f or c/o (carried forward or carried over) and b/f or b/o (brought forward or brought over) may also be used. When the balance is carried down in the same page, the words c/d and b/d are used, while balance is carried over to the next page, the term c/o and b/o are used. When balance is carried forward to some other page either in same book or some other book, the abbreviations c/f (carried forward) and b/f (brought forward) are used. Journal

70,000 3. Plant and Machinery Errors of principle Solution: Date Particulars L.FDebit Credit Rs. P. Rs. P. 2004 Cash A/c Dr. 7,500 Jan 18 3. Prepare the analytical petty cash book of Mrs.Mala from the following: 2002 Rs. Dec. 1 Cash in hand 435

14 Paid to Balu by cheque Rs.13,900. Discount received Rs.100. 20 Sold goods to Suresh on credit 5,000 8 Received from Mohan Rs.2,560 Travelling Exp. Dr. 375

double Column Cash Book trading A/c) To Stationaries Date Particulars J.F a) very short b) very long c) none

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