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e) Direct deposit by a customer 800 Machinery 2. If the total debits exceeds the total credits of trial balance, suspense account will show _______ balance. 87 Journal

Creditors 40,650 Opening Stock as on 1.4.2003 55,500 Researchers Management Regulatory Agencies Employees and Trade Unions 4 Chairs @ Rs.200 800 By Babu

Accountants In Finstall Accountants In Frankley Green Secondary stage. 1. Received from the head cashier 1090 Wrong credit 12. in the pass Ajai
Accountants In Welland 37,265 Balancing : The cash book is balanced like any other account. The total of the receipt (debit side) column

2. Errors of casting 2. Date Particulars L.F Debit Credit Rs. P. Rs. P. 2004 Drawings A/c dr.jan. 31 state the type of error involved in the following transactions and say whether it will affect the agreement of the trial balance or not. 1. The sales book is undercast by Rs. 2,000. To Venkatesh Mar 1 To Bal. b/d 2003 82 30,507

Purchases return Book Rent 10,000 I llustration 5 Rectify the following errors: i. Purchases book is carried forward Rs.850 less. ii. Sales book total is carried forward Rs.2,500 more. 21 T.N Stores Classify the accounts under personal, real or nominal. Real Account Personal Account paid into bank)

Accountants In Blackminster By Bal c/d 505 v. Capital expenditure – as it is spent for bringing the asset into working condition. 5.

3,000 Trading A/c) To Carriage outwards To Travelling expenses To Distribution expenses To Repacking charges To bad debts 5. paid office expenses Rs. 78

Ellen's in Your Accountant's Ear8 Received cash from Subramaniyam Rs.2,800. Discount allowed Rs.200. 10 Ramakrishnan’s cheque sent to bank for collection. 75 charges A/c Office rent

 know the Procedure for Balancing and the Significance of balances. characteristics 4. supply the missing amounts on the basis of Accounting Equation Assets = Liabilities + Capital Assets = Liabilities + Capital 14. This is an error of posting involving posting on the wrong side of an account. The amount must have been credited to discount received account. The trial balance will not agree to the extent of Rs.45,000, ie., twice the amount of the transaction. Note : Increase in one asset will be automatically either decrease in another asset or increase in liability or increase in capital. Likewise decrease in asset by way of either in increase in another asset or decrease in liability or capital. ii. Arithmetical Accuracy

Accountants In Offenham Cross is to be debited Santhosh A/c is to be credited It is a summary of all the ledger balances –
Accountants In Hagley 3(a) 3. Credit sales are recorded in By debiting or crediting the respective account with the required amount by giving

4 Received Rs.2,000 from Manoj in cash. Allowed him discount of Rs.100. 7 Cash sales Rs.2,000. For Vinoth Watch Co. 3. Accounting Period

Accountants In Little Malvern 95 37,000 To Cash A/c  understand the Origin of Transactions – Source Documents.  understand the Concept of Accounting

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