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Accountants In Frankley Green Secondary stage. 1. Received from the head cashier 1090 Wrong credit 12. in the pass Ajai & Vijay) 7,810 ii.
Accountants In Hagley 3(a) 3. Credit sales are recorded in By debiting or crediting the respective account with the required amount by giving
Accountants In Welland 37,265 Balancing : The cash book is balanced like any other account. The total of the receipt (debit side) column

7.3.3 Triple Column Cash Book 10. Explain the inter-relationship between book-keeping, accounting and accountancy. 11. Briefly explain the users and their need for accounting information. 11,100 Sundry Creditors 14,260 Particulars Entries by customer in the cash book 17 stationary purchased 175

Amount rs. 2003 [answers: 1. Petty cash book, 2. petty cashier, 3. Cash book, 4. Nominal, 5. Imprest] b( Choose the correct answer: Personal Account

Sales Capital 2,12,000 2,395 Stock 6,000 1(a) May 6 To Petty cash A/c 375 8.6 Advantages

1. Enter the following transactions in the Purchase Book of 2003 3. discount received column appears in _____ side of the cash book. 4. A cheque received and paid into the bank on the same day is recorded in the ______ column of the three column cash book.

No entry is made unless pass book is verified. of the pass book Less Addbook on the >Pass in the Pass book first. 6.2.2 Cash discount Sale of goods on credit is a common phenomenon in any business. When goods are sold on credit the customers enjoy a facility of making payment on some date in the future. In order to encourage them to make the payment before the expiry of the credit period a deduction is offered. The deduction so made is known as cash discount. For example, If Ram purchases goods worth Rs.5,000 on 30 days credit then, as per the terms of contract, he is authorised to make payment 30 days after the date of purchase. If he is offered a cash discount of 2% on payment within 10 days and if he does so, he is entitled to deduct Rs.100 from the invoice price and pay Rs.4,900. In this case Rs.100 is cash discount. But if he does not choose to make payment within 10 days then he will not get any cash discount. In this case he will pay Rs.5,000 after 30 days. 20 Received cash from Murali Rs.3,450 Discount allowed Rs.50. Profit and loss A/c………Dr x x x

c) current liability Identify which account is to be debited and credited. a) capital expenditure b) revenue expenditure 33,625

Ellen's in Your Accountant's Ear8. Nominal Account is classified under Illustration 1 2003 july 5 By Purchases 55,000 A/c Learning Objectives After studying this chapter, you will be able to:

Accountants In Offenham Cross is to be debited Santhosh A/c is to be credited It is a summary of all the ledger balances –

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