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3(a) 3. Credit sales are recorded in By debiting or crediting the respective account with the required amount by giving an explanatory note in the 2. contra entries are not posted to any account. 3. Each item of discount allowed appearing on the debit side of the cash book will be posted to the credit of respective personal account. Total of discount allowed column should be posted to the debit side of discount allowed account with the words “To Sundry accounts”. 3 cash purchases rs.2,500. Ledger of Amar Cash Account Dr. Cr.

Accountants In Frankley Green Secondary stage. 1. Received from the head cashier 1090 Wrong credit 12. in the pass Ajai & Vijay) 7,810 ii.

iv. expenses incurred for remodelling and reconditioning an existing asset like remodeling a building. v. Bank overdraft or unfavourable balance means cash book will have a credit balance and passbook will have debit balance. For easy reference the table given below will be useful. Cash Book

Ellen's in Your Accountant's Ear6. Cash Book is one of the _______ books. 11.2 revenue transactions The business transactions, which provide benefits or supplies services to a business concern for an accounting period only, are known as revenue transactions. Revenue transactions can be Revenue Expenditure or Revenue Receipt. xxx xxx

Accountants In Murcot iii. bank charges payable for the agency and utility services rendered by the bank. Illustration 8 indian Overseas Bank …………………..

4. Discount allowed [Answer : Rs. 9,14,050] 6. Prepare Trial Balance from the following balances of Mrs.Dilshad as on 31.12.2002. Capital 1.7.18 invoice Invoice is a business document which is prepared when one sell goods to another. The statement is prepared by the seller of goods. It contains the information relating to name and address of the seller and the buyer, the date of sale and the clear description of goods with quantity and price. To Discount allowed To Commission To Net profit (transferred to capital A/c)

to be debited 1(b) Dr. Cr. Freight (creditor) to the buyer (debtor).

Accountants In Welland 37,265 Balancing : The cash book is balanced like any other account. The total of the receipt (debit side) column
Accountants In Stoke Pound debit side single column cash Book of ……………. Credit Side [Answers : 1. subsidiary books, 2. purchases, 3. drawer, 4.

Particulars Like ledger accounts, trading account will be closed by transferring the gross profit or gross loss to the profit and loss account. i. Purchases A/c Dr. 25,000 Sales A/c Dr. 25,000 To Devi A/c 50,000 [Correction of wrong entry in entered in cash book 1,820

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